We have decided to add a charity button to our Beepex Artist Spotify page to raise awareness of Battens disease. Please visit the go fund […]
Fortnite lights - Blinding Lights
Fortnite Lights (Blinding Lights) written and sung by the 7yr old Beepex Gamer. This has been such a fun project. I came up with some […]
Minecraft Ultra Realistic Mode Survival is a go, Catman has returned to put a treat in my game and then did something else to my […]
Minecraft Ultra Realistic Mode Survival is a go, though wait who is this who has hacked Beepex game and made Minecraft look HD ??? Leave […]
Do you want to see a how to build a arcade machine Fortnite style ? Look no further, from start to finish Beepex has helped […]
Let’s do this… What NOOBS do in FORTNITE PT1. We go through the top things what NOOBS do in a match. Ok so we added […]
Fortnite Arcade Machine
So we were wondering.. what is the most kills in Fortnite using an arcade machine? We had a go with BeePex using one side of […]
So whilst Team Energize training in lockdown, we thought wouldn’t it be cool if you could play as yourself in a retro fighting game? So […]