Beepex makes a Fortnite Arcade Machine?

Do you want to see a how to build a arcade machine Fortnite style ? Look no further, from start to finish Beepex has helped build the Arcade Cabinet and we have installed a few secrets along the way. Be sure to check the end of the video for the surprise that no retropie arcade machine has. So if you want to see a Arcade Machine Build watch the video and be sure to check the list parts below with links, so you too can build a Fortnite Arcade Machine or your very own retro arcade cabinet using retro pie.

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——————– Questions: ——————–

How much does it cost to build your own arcade machine? Around £500 maybe less if you are willing to search about 🙂 What do I need to build an arcade machine? All parts are listed below 🙂 How do I build my own arcade cabinet or How do you make a bartop arcade machine? Simple, just follow the video and please comment if you have your own questions How long does it take to build an arcade machine? Took about 8 hours once all the parts were present

—————– Parts List & Links: —————–

Arcade Cabinet: Bespoke build but eBay have some great retro arcade machines Dell Professional P190S 19″ LCD
Monitor: Search eBay Vinyl Stickers:
Arcade Power:​ (proudmammy2)
Perspex:​ Arcade 18mm T-Molding:​ (flatout_arcades) Speakers:
L.E.D Lights:
Joystick and Buttons:
Raspberry PI Project:
USB Panel Circle:
HDMI Panel Circle:
HDMI Switch:
Fortnite EPIC Games:…

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