Join Beepex in Supporting Ollies Army Battle Against Batten Disease

What is Ollies Army?

Ollie’s Army was set up to raise awareness of Batten disease, in the hope that one day there will be a cure. Ollie, Amelia and every other child with Batten disease deserves a chance of living life to the full in the time they have.

What is Batten Disease?

Batten disease is an ultra rare fatal genetic disease which affects the nervous system, causing progressive neurological impairment. It’s currently incurable, it typically begins in early childhood and worsens with age, caused by the buildup of fatty substances, called lipopigments, in cells. There are several different types, but all are fatal with a greatly shortened life expectancy.

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What Can you do to help?
For every purchase of any Beepex song on Amazon Music or Apple iTunes Store we will donate 100% of it to Ollies Army Battling Against Batten’s Disease.

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Thank you again for taking the time to watch the video and read what you can do to help.
Jenson (Beepex)

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